Wave Man

Wave Man



The film narrates through the fantastic, man’s choices in relation to the preservation of the world and the possibility of living better in our future. In the context of today’s society, the plot develops by proposing for the protagonist and key characters beautiful, ugly situations or expressed through technological research scenarios or obscure situations related to the occult. An eternal conflict that has always linked man and the unknown or rather an eternal conflict between God and Satan.
A seemingly normal flow of life, but in reality that merges with parallel worlds, the dark intangible one of sects, possessions, Hell and the futuristic one of 3050 that will belong to man, including technological developments but above all healthy principles worthy of living according to divine design.
The protagonist will try to preserve the best of this current life in order to guarantee an incipit of a better future that is not only extremely technological, but also renewed and re-evaluated from an environmental and human point of view. A fantastic story with a great human depth.


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